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Don Chendo | Mexican Products is a Food Importer that specializes in Wholesale Mexican Products and Latin Wholesale Products. We currently carry over 600 different Mexican and Latin products including: Corn Tortillas, Flour Tortillas, Beans, Dry Peppers, Hot Sauces, Mole, Seasonings, Mexican Spices, Mexican Candy, Soda from Mexico and South America, and much more.


We work closely together with  Manufacturers to bring you the best quality products and to continuously expand our inventory. We focus on selecting the Best  Mexican products that we grew up eating, so we can bring to you all the things you miss from your Mexican Supermarket.


At the moment we supply a variety of Latin grocery stores and Mexican supermarkets all over British Columbia and Alberta. We’ve been in the business since 2014 and  we’re happy to help you select the best products for your Business. If you own a Latin grocery store or Restaurant and are looking for a Food Importer to meet all your needs you are in the right place. We thrive in good Customer service, We ship all over Canada, so no matter where your store or restaurant is located, we’ll be happy to accommodate your  needs.

Mexican groceries stores in Canada have been thriving and we want to be part of your Success Story.




There is something unique and enticing about Mexican and Latin food that rejuvenates the soul and allows you to experience tantalizing new flavors. If you’re operating a Mexican grocery store in Vancouver and want authentic wholesale Mexican products, we have got you covered. At Don Chendo, we deal primarily in Latin wholesale products and Mexican products that will have you remembering your old Mexican supermarket. We house more than 600 different products and continuously expand our inventory to bring you authentic Mexican and Latin products. 

We are working in collaboration with manufacturers in Mexico to bring you the most authentic and best quality products. We focus on selecting the best quality Mexican spices and products you grew up eating and buying from Latin grocery stores. We take pride in our ability to provide you with the best products and are food importers on a mission to provide you with authentic Mexican tastes and flavors. 




Our comprehensive inventory of wholesale Mexican products and Latin wholesale products is part of the reason why Latin grocery stores and Mexican supermarkets trust us in Vancouver. Whether you want Mexican candies, Mexican spices, sodas, beans, hot sauces, seasonings, or tortillas, we can bring them to you without any problem. We are constantly aiming to add more products to our inventory so that you can run a Mexican grocery store in Vancouver without any problem.


There aren’t many food importers that are as connected as us regarding Mexican and Latin products. We know how delectable and tasty Mexican and Latin food is, and that is why we ensure to only stock authentic wholesale Mexican products and Latin wholesale products. We have been in the industry for several years and are more than happy to help your business select the best Mexican and Latin products. 

We are committed to providing you with exceptional customer service and ship our products throughout Canada. No matter where your grocery store or restaurant may be located, you can trust Don Chendo to accommodate all your needs. We can help stock your store with delectable Mexican products and thrive in the community by offering people the best Mexican and Latin products. 

Get Imported Wholesale Mexican Products and Latin Wholesale Products in Vancouver

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