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Don_Chendo_aboutDon Chendo, born Rosendo Sanchez Lenero in Michoacan, Mexico, grew up in his home town of Sahuayo in the 1930s, surrounded by family, friends, and of course, excellent food.

Known by his friends as having a contagious, bohemian spirit and being the life of the party wherever he went, Don Chendo always treated his guests with delicious foods and botanas (snacks).
In the early 1970s, Don Chendo decided to migrate to the United States to pursue the American dream. After a year of harvesting crops in California, he moved to Chicago Illinois in pursuit of his lifelong goal of becoming an international chef.

While working as a dishwasher , he enrolled in the College of Culinary Arts of Chicago where he studied and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree as a chef in Culinary Arts , He immediately became respected among his culinary peers for his exquisite cuisine.

Don Chendo became one of the best-known and gifted international cuisine chefs of his time. Nevertheless, he did not forget his roots and always set time aside to prepare his delicious Mexican botanas for friends and family. During that time he created his famous sauce Don Chendo, a secret family recipe, as well as his crispy tostadas, and totopos (chips).
Don Rosendo Sanchez’s chef career in the USA lasted for more than twenty five years. When he fell ill he returned to his home town of Sahuayo where he spent the last years of his life . He dies at the age of fifty nine and is survived by Francisco Sanchez, co-founder of Don Chendo Products® with his wife, Zaira Sanchez.


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